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"Monks' Lifestyle and Cuisine"

You will hear a story about the history of the former Dominican monastery in Palėvenė, the way of life of the monks and the dishes they prepared. And the monks ate very well... Their diet was very varied and even sophisticated. You will be able to taste a monk's meal of your choice.

The monks' dishes are offered (you can additionally order a tasting of certified homemade beer, price 8 EUR/person):



Meat and vegetable stew with a baking top.

Number of participants: 15 - 20

The price is 18 EUR per person


Barn Lunch

Sausage with mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage is made according to an ancient recipe.

Number of participants: from 10

The price is 18 EUR per person


Apothecary soup

Bleached nettle and sorrel soup (carrots, potatoes, onions, sour cream) in broth.

The price is 11 EUR per person



Fish soup

This is the main dish of the monks, made from various types of fish broth and fish pieces with vegetables seasoned with spices and herbs. Served with a homemade bun. The fish is prepared according to the recipe of professor Rimvydas Laužiks, a researcher of culinary heritage.

Number of participants: 15-30

The price is 11 EUR per person



Vegetables covered with bacon

The vegetable is made from pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, onions, smoked and fried bacon.

The price is 11 euros




An ancient Lithuanian folk dish made from flour. It is unusual in that its filling is made from herring and beetroot. Served with sauce. The dish is perfect for eating at Christmas.

Number of participants: 15-20 people.

The price is 10 EUR per person



Bagel of the monastery

Homemade "baronka" (bagel) from the monastery with tea.

Number of participants: 10 - 15

The price is 8 EUR per person


Offers for tasting of certified homemade beer



Boiled split peas.

The price is 11 EUR


Smoke set (for 10 people)

Various smoked products presented on a wooden tray.

The price is 40 EUR



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