Kupiškis District Tourism and Business Information Center, VšĮ

Areas of activity and services


Areas of activity of the Kupiškis district tourism and business information center:

1. Representation of Kupiškis district, promotion of visited objects in Lithuania and abroad;

2. Participation in the formation of tourism and business information systems;

3. Preparation of tourism routes and projects;

4. Organization of excursions around Kupiškis district, Lithuania, provision of guide services;

5. Events, activities promoting cognitive, sports, recreational, etc. tourism, organization;

6. Collection, accumulation and free provision of information about tourism services, visited objects and places;

7. Preparation, publication and distribution of informational and cartographic publications about tourism services, objects and places;

8. Organization and implementation of trade in advertising publications, souvenirs, works of art, other products of local entrepreneurs;

9. Monitoring, analysis and planning of the tourism market.

10. Accumulation and dissemination of information about business conditions in Lithuania and the European Union, promotion of advanced economic ideas in society;

11. Provision of business information, consultation and training services, preparation of training courses and seminars for entrepreneurs;

12. Mediation in attracting Lithuanian and international organizations, companies, natural persons, funds and program funds and technical assistance for the Center's activities;

13. Promoting the implementation of new technologies and scientific innovations in business;

14. Assistance in establishing contacts between potential business partners, consulting and preparation of business development and investment projects;

15. Cooperation with other business service network institutions, business support institutions and tourism information centers in Lithuania and abroad;

16. Participation in foreign countries' and international organizations' support programs and projects for small and medium-sized businesses;

17. Organization and implementation of other tourism and business information and tourism and business services.


Services provided by the Kupiškis District Tourism and Business Information Center:

ü Souvenirs with symbols of Kupiškis region and Lithuania;

ü Organization of excursions around the city and district of Kupiškis;

ü Organization of educational and recreational trips around Lithuania and abroad;

ü Bicycle rental;

ü Ordering ferry tickets;

ü Guide services;

ü Gift coupons;

ü Office services;

ü Anykščiai swimming pool tickets ("Kupiškėnos" ticket);

ü Renting a mobile wooden trading house;

ü Consultation on business issues, preparation of basic documents;


Services in Adomynės Manor and Palėvenė Monastery:

ü Educational programs;

ü Organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, events;

ü Occasional photo sessions;

ü Campsite service.