Kupiškis District Tourism and Business Information Center, VšĮ

Malvina's Breakfast


Duration - 60 min.

Number of participants: 5-50

THIS is a good choice for those in a hurry: the whimsical landlady Malvina jumped the gaspads and didn't know what to do! So you will quickly run through the halls of the manor, stopping only here and there, poke your nose into the family wing and eat her favorite "Pagrabinės" buns with a cup of tea - but only two, because the young lady was very protective of her figure and was very picky about her food...

And finally, be sure to sit on the bench dedicated to Malvina and Ludvik in the courtyard of the mansion. Immortalize it, because it is probably the only monument to the Love of a laywoman and a priest!


The price is 12 EUR per person

The visit must be arranged in advance.

Call: +370 640 96 175, +370 672 02 034

or write an email to: [email protected]