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"Pagrabinės" buns


"Pagrabinės" buns baked in the vicinity of Adomynė are an authentic dish of this region, whose origins date back to the middle of the 18th century.

In the past, it was not an everyday meal. It is believed that they were baked for economy reasons: every house had milk, butter, eggs, and flour. All that was needed was yeast and sugar. These were the main products. Only later did they start tasting these buns: cottage cheese, poppy seeds, raisins, cinnamon were added - here was already the genius of gaspadini.

As far as the oldest housewives can remember, they used to bake such buns only during funerals - in the past . That's what the people called it - "Pagrabines" buns. For the last supper, the neighbors would bring some flour, some butter or sour cream, so the hostess would bake and stew hot buns with sauce, which she would eat to pay her last respects to the deceased.

Later, buns began to be served at anniversaries and christenings, and at weddings they were served as a hot dish on the second day. Later, it was served in various ways - both before a meat dish and as a dessert. But people always said: "let's not eat too much - we need room for buns". In the middle of the 20th century, they became so popular that no ball in the vicinity of Adomynė could do without them.

So, we like these buns, and those who taste them remember their taste for a long time. Therefore, in order to preserve this dish, we submitted it for certification as a national heritage product, and in 2017, the commission confirmed that Adomynės "Pagrabinės" buns are granted the certificate of Lithuanian national culinary heritage . We kindly invite you to taste them - they are baked only in Adomynė manor, you will not find them anywhere else !!!