Kupiškis District Tourism and Business Information Center, VšĮ

"Good for the heart, delicious for the belly"


Duration of the program: about 3 hours.

Number of participants: 20-40

During the program, you will learn about "Pagrabines" buns, the origin of their name and how they are made. You will test the dexterity of your hands by baking delicious "Pagrabines" buns from the Adomynė area. While the buns are baking, you will all have a fun evening with the members of the Adomynė ethnographic ensemble "Jara", who will present you with a mix of Kupiškės songs, dances, circles, riddles and tricks...

And finally, you will pamper your tummies with food and drinks from this estate and its surroundings: a certified product of Lithuanian culinary heritage - hot "Pagrabinės" buns with a special sauce - you will not be able to taste such a culinary heritage dish anywhere else, Adominian estate wine and drinks that will simply melt in your mouth!

So waiting for you:

  • A walk around the estate with a local guide;
  • Baking of Adomynės "Pagrabinės" buns (at the request of the group);
  • Tasting of Adomynian dishes;
  • Stayed with Mr. Adams with ethnographic ensemble "JARA".


The price is 34 EUR per person.

The visit must be arranged in advance.

Call: +370 640 96 175, +370 672 02 034

or write an email to: [email protected]