Canoes R3 rent


By the boundary between three districts: Kupiskis, Rokiskis, Anyksciai flows the river Jara, the tributary of the river Sventoji. It is beautiful, wavy, covered with trees and at the same time opened, with depths and shallows, it carries its water through the drained, by Smetona's time, Jara Lake. Maybe it is one of the few possibilities for sailing by labourer dug river’s channel across the swamp. If you are extreme at the specified locations, you can try to reach the shore by wading through it. Having overcome the sunken territories, you will again be able to admire Jara's waves in the Anyksciai district – and then till the river Sventoji. If you do not want extreme sensation while swimming through the swamp – you can choose the route to the end of the swamp and enjoy a relaxing and clam sailing. There are 6 possible pick-up and drop-off locations, so you can choose the length of the route according to your own strength – you can take 2, you can also take all 22 kilometres. We promise the unique excitement of wildlife, birds and animals. When you walk in different seasons, you get completely different impressions. There are many attractions around the river. We kindly invite you and we will adapt to your needs and try that you will be satisfied with your sailing.

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