Children's playroom "Dwarf Alley"


Children's playroom "Dwarf Alley" is awaiting everyone, especially the youngest ones, who want to have fun or have their celebration.

“Dwarf Alley” is full of activities. There are an inflatable trampoline, an ice skating rink, a ball pool, a playhouse, a lot of machines and character costumes. There is also a corner for quiet activities in the room, where children can draw, play, put together a puzzle or simply relax.

The good news is that, unlike at home, parents will not have to worry about household items, i.e., dishes and eating utensils. Everything is in the kitchenette. There is also a separate dining area. You will be able to enjoy coffee and tea. After the celebration parents will not have to tidy up the hall; everything will be done by “Dwarf Alley”.

To rent a children’s playroom costs from 50 to 80 euros. Entertainer’s services are available for an additional fee.

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2019-06-06 Puiki vieta, patiems mažiausiems ir dideliems
Nykštuku Alėja
2019-06-06 Labai jauki, graži vieta vaiku šventėms