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Sauna of Dalia

Water activities


If you have ever had sauna and experienced its benefits, then you will feel that this woman's organized saunas and their rituals are even more subtle, deep and intimate; it will surround you with the love of nature and will create a healing space. You will find tenderness, care, security, peace and relaxation if you come to Dalia’s place.

Dalia started studying the subtleties of the sauna together with her husband Genadijus in 2014, and the following year the sauna was built and they started their activities. Genadijus is a forester and he knows well the features of plants and trees. He also learns the techniques of whipping with a sauna whisk, which he uses in the sauna rituals, and during the season he makes high quality sauna whisks.

People who come to Dalia’s place find active leisure. They often come with friends or families and spend quality time together, not only strengthening themselves physically, but also having a real rest, slowing down the pace of life and gaining inner peace. Family celebrations, birthdays are often held here. Children are also happy to participate in the celebrations, where conscious being together is always encouraged.Dalia leads a women’s sauna, where her friends celebrate their relationship, togetherness, bless each other and thank their ancestors for such a beautiful heritage - the traditions of the sauna, which help strengthen connection with nature and plants. Dalia combines sauna activities with services of doula. She uses marma therapy and the Rebozo, which help the expectant mother and her baby feel better, more comfortable and more secure. It is also a place for rituals of cleansing, which are full of sacredness, love and inner healing.

Sauna of Dalia has gift vouchers that allow you to enjoy sauna rituals individually or in groups (up to 10 persons). Like women’s gatherings, men’s saunas are organized as well – to enjoy the strength of men and their energy.

This secure and comfortable, surrounded by ancestral traditions place leaves everyone amazed. The care of Dalia and her husband is what you feel immediately when you come to their place. Having a sauna allows to you to relax and become peaceful and that is what your body and soul need the most.