“Wake Park Kupiškis” water entertainment in Kupiškis Lagoon


Floating sauna.


WakePark Kupiškis is otherwise known as the “Water and Snow Park in Aukštupėnai Resort” made by using the WakeStation Traction System. This is a two-buttress traction ropes system for windsurfing and water skiing in summer and snowboarding or skiing in winter. The water and snow park is for both: beginners and advanced water and snow amusements lovers. There is a boat rental also.

Inflatable water park is for those who like challenges in water. The obstacle course consists of figures of different complexity: easy ones can be overcome even by small entertainers, while adult athletes will have to try their hardest to overcome difficult ones.

Working hours of WakePark Kupiškis and inflatable water park (June - September):

I − VII  11.00 − 20.00


Paddle board rental. 8 single paddles and one large paddle for 6-10 people.

Water bike rental.

Kayak rental.


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