The water boarding park in Aukstupenai resort


WakePark Kupiskis is otherwise known as the “Water and Snow Park in Aukstupenai Resort” made by using the WakeStation Traction System. This is a two-buttress traction ropes system for windsurfing and water skiing in summer and snowboarding or skiing in winter. The water and snow park is for both: beginners and advanced water and snow amusements lovers.

Water services:

  • Superman (human dragging by rope);
  • Dragging on the water wheel. Price:
    • 3 wheels - 5 Eur;
  • Boats rent. Price:
    • 6 Eur/ 1 hour;
    • 10 Eur/ 2 hour;
    • 20 Eur/ day.

Working hours (june - september):

I − VII  11.00 − 20.00

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