Cycles route "Around Kupiskis lagoon"

Length of the route – 42 km

1. Kupiskis Mound.

In the ancient times there lived the Baltic tribe the Selonians. The archaeological findings around the mound show that in the 8th century AD a wooden defence castle loomed there. Supposedly, the castle or entrenchments were destroyed by Livonian or Teutonic Orders around 1240.


2. Dendrological Park “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”.

The unusual shape of an isle inspired to call it the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. The dendrological park is located on an island in Kupiskis reservoir. The park was established in 1988 and it covers an area of 8,97hectares. There are over 36 types of trees and shrubberies. There is a sculptural group of H. Orakauskas.


3. The Orthodox Church of Bagdonys.

The first Orthodox Church was mentioned in written sources in 1909, but it burnt in 1915. The new Orthodox Church of fieldstones was built in 1938 by the endeavour of local community.


4. The Museum of Laukminiskiai Village.

The museum was established in 2002 in the family house of writer Petras Babickas and actress Unė Babickaitė where they were born. Ethnographic exposition presents 19th-20th century domestic life and traditions of peasants of nearby villages. Exposition commemorating Unė Babickaitė and Petras Babickas introduces their lives and works.


5. Palevenele Blessed Virgin Mary Church.

Little church stands on the right bank of the river Levuo in Palevenele. The wooden church was established in 1769, but it was damaged by fire. However, the present building was built in 1803 by Kazimieras Moigis. Although Classicistic, the church acquired some Baroque features. Some time there were priests Dominykas Safronas and Simonas Sulte.

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