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Subacius Town Holy Trinity church



Holy Trinity Church is located in Kupiskis district, Subacius town, Vilniaus g. 44, on the left bank of the river Viesinta. Masonry Built in 1884.  The first church in 1590 was built by Jeronimas Valavicius. In 1591 it approved foundation: 2 Wallach of land, Braziskiai village and 2 plots for school. Noblemen were obligated to pay 10 zlot of Wallach land to the parish priest. In 1655 the church was damaged, soon restored. In 1668 was mentioned Kupiniskis or Braziskis the rectory’s estate. In 1669 was mentioned Subacius (Kumpiniskis) Church. It was wooden, rectangular, had 3 altars. In 1674 consecrated.  Since 1777 there was a parish school. In 1791 – 1792 was a priest – poet Antanas Strazdas. In 1832 Budrioniai and Raciupenai villages belonged to the church.In 1879 asked to allow the construction of a new brick church. After repeated requests, the permit was received in 1881. The church was built in 1884 on May 22 was consecrated by a bishop Mecislovas Paliulionis. In 1888 was bricked the churchyard fence. In 1908 – 1914 was active the section of the Lithuanian Catholic Solidarity Society. During the First World War the church was damaged. On the concern of the prist P. Kazlauskas in 1925 repaired, covered by tin. In 1918 was established the Spring House. About 1933 – 1934 was built a parish hall by the concern of vicar Juozas Bardisauskas.The church is historic, has a neo – roman and neo-baroque elements, a rectangular plan (55x26 m), a double story. There are 3 naves in the middle and there are 3 altars.


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