Alizava St. John the Baptist church


The Church of St. John the Baptist  is  in Kupiskis district, in the town of Alizava, near the Vabalninkas – Pandelis road, on the right bank of Pyvesos. Historic, wooden Built in 1856, has baroque and neo-gothic features. In 1794 the landlord Antanas Koscialkovskis in Pakapė built a wooden church with a tower. Pakape was named Alizava in honour of his son Alois. In 1853 1856 the priest Jonas Bzestovicius built the current wooden church. In 1872 the priest Ferdinand Uselis built a new rectory, rebuilt the farm buildings and planted a fruit tree garden. In 1900 was approved church reconstruction project and built towers. In 1905 was enlarged cemetery. In 1909 – 1914 was active the section of the Lithuanian Catholic Solidarity Society. During the First World War, the church was damaged. In the concern of the priest Kazimieras Mockus (1909 – 1921) the Church was restored. The priest Felicijonas Lialis (1923 – 1927) bought a bell, restored farm buildings. The priest J. Savukaitis reorganized the altars, in 1938 set up a bookstore. The church has rectangular plan, with 2 facade towers. Inside there are 3 naves separated by columns. The churchyard fence is made of stone masonry. It has a bell tower.

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