Simonys Assumption Church


The Church of the Assumption is located in the south – east of Kupiskis District, in Simoniai, 2,5 km south of Kupiskis – Utenos road. Wooden, built in 1920. In 1669 Simonys Chapel was mentioned in written sources. In 1671 August 15, Bishop Mikalojus Steponas Pacas consecrated a built church, gave a present the Assumption picture, chasuble, silver cup. From that time the prayers began to attend Simonys (recorded special recoveries). In 1700 were started writing metrics books. In 1744 Simonys was a branch of Kupiskis parish. By the priest cares of K. Sveitkauskis for the years 1775 – 1779 a new octagonal church was built in the old place. The church has 3 altars. The parish priest Vladyslovas Bareika (he had been as a parish priest for 30 years in Simonys) in 1800 he enlarged the church, built the bell tower (raised up 4 bells). XIX century the parish school was active. In 1802 was a priest – poet Antanas Strazdas in Simonys. In 1864 incriminated by supporting of the rebels Silvestras Kuprevicius was arrested. The priest Antanas Pauliukas in 1910 had established a section of the Lithuanian Catholic Solidarity Society. During the World War, in 1915 the church and rectory burned down, the bell tower was blasted, 2 bells were taken to Russia, the other 2 melted.  1915 – 1920 the worship was kept in the hall of the school. By the care of J. Norvila in 1920 built the present wooden church. In 1921 erected organs from Troskunai. 1928 – 1932 On the initiative of parish priest Jurgis Martinaitis, painted inside of the church, made 3 altars. It was got 2 bells and hung on a temporary roof, later built a bell tower and made gypseous Cross Road Stations. The parish priest J. Martinaitis built the parish hall, the statue of God Mother in the churchyard, bought 10 pipes for orchestra. In 1939 he built a house for old priests on his own expense (where he died in 1946). In 1944 the roof of the church was damaged, windows were broken out. Later it was repaired. The church is a rectangular plan, single-tower, with a turret and three – apse. Inside there are 3 naves and 3 altars. The churchyard fence is made of stone masonry.

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