Palevenele Blessed Mary Virgin church


Blessed Mary Virgin church is located in Kupiskis district, Palevenele village, on the right bank of the river Levuo, near the road to Alizava.  In 1769 wooden chapel was built. It burned down, the owner of the estate Kazimieras Moigas in 1803 built a brick church. In 1851 were started writing metrics books. In 1864 – 1904 in Palevenele was a priest Dominikas Safronas, in 1917 – 1920 – a Doctor of Theology and Philosophy Simonas Sulte (both buried in the churchyard). In 1910 the church is reconstructed, built on the sacristy. During World War I was struck. After the war rebuilt, the sacristy was rebuilt.By 1926 Palevenele was a branch of Kupiskis parish.  In 1923 – 1926 branchist Stanislovas Baltrimas renewed the church, overlaid the roof, completed the construction of farmhouses, and provided to Palevenele parish rights. The first parish priest was Antanas Pauliukonis (1926 – 1929) he painted the church, overlaid the bell tower. The parish priest Kazimieras Pukenis (1932 – 1935) bought a church inventory, bricked up a barn, stack yard. In 1941 – 1947 was a parish priest Bronius Jareckas. He rebuilt the overtaken small towers during the war, 3 altars, covered the roof of the rectory. The church is classic, with baroque elements, hollow (18,8x10,3 m), one nave, with 2 towers. It is got 3 altars. The churchyard is surrounded by the stone masonry. In front of the church facade is built an original bell – tower, the gates were built in 1803.

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