Palevene St. Dominic’s (Dominican) Church and Monastery Ensemble


It is the only exponent of the Late Baroque in Higher Lithuania (Aukstaitija). The history of Palevene Monastery goes back to 1676, when the first Dominican monks, financially supported by Laurynas Mykolas Odlanickis, have settled there. The Ensemble consisted of many brick and wooden buildings of different purposes. They were surrounded by a high brick wall (usually documents list eight “houses”). In terms of architecture and art history, the most valuable building of the Ensemble is brick church, which was started to build in 1676. It is believed that the interior of the church has preserved since the second half of the 18th century as the previous one was destroyed during Northern War. The interior of Palevene Church (including eight altars) is one of the most authentic exponents of the so-called Folk Baroque. Nowadays the festivals of sacral art and music are being organised in Palevene Ensemble of the Monastery and Church.

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