Kupiškis District Tourism and Business Information Center, VšĮ

The eleventh senior theater festival "Milk Flower Fluff"


May 17-19


The annual international theater festivals "Dairy Honey", "Dairy Wine", "Dairy Fluff" have been held in the Skapiški branch of the Kupiškis Cultural Center since 1997. These festivals each year have their own theme, which is developed with the help of theater. At the XXVIII Senior Theater Festival "Dairy Fluff" creative works will commemorate and give meaning to the centenary of the Lithuanian Song Festival. Senior theaters of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian amateur theater associations will play performances. The performances to participate in the project will be selected by amateur theater associations of these countries. These theaters will also participate in a theatrical craft yard. Skapiškis has deep traditions of crafts and folk art. In 1921-1925, the folk artist Vanda Silvestravičiūtė headed the folk band weaving workshop in Skapiški, which was known not only throughout Lithuania, but also abroad. In order to revive and preserve craft traditions, artisans from Kupiškis and Biržai districts are invited to participate in the festival's theatrical craft yard.

This year, theater managers will also share their creative experience at the festival. The creative activities will be purposefully directed to the preparation of the theater day program "Esaties lieptais" of the 2024 Lithuanian song festival "Kad giria žaliuųt" Ukmergė, Kupiškis and Jonas Katelė Foundation theaters.Commemorative plaques marking the dates of the first centenary of the Independence and Song Festival oak trees will be unveiled.

The festival supports communication with the locals. This year there will be a meeting - a conversation "Who put happiness in my life" with poet Gerda Jankevičiūtė, folk artist Kęstučius Vaičiūnas, dr. Aldona Vasiliauskiene.

One of the tasks of the festival is to get to know professional theater. The theatrical program "Stop, it's charming for a moment!" by the actors of the State Youth Theaters, Saulius Sipaitis and Vytautas Taukinaitis, will be shown.

Project activities promote the dissemination of art, cultural exchange, diversity of cultural expressions, and broaden the cultural horizons of participants and spectators. This project aims at successful creative cooperation between Lithuanian senior theaters, directors, as well as Lithuanian creative communities in other countries. Creative exchanges with existing partners and making new contacts are encouraged. The dissemination of professional art and the professional development of project participants are encouraged.