About us


Public institution of Kupiškis district tourism and business information center (Centre) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide free and paid tourism and business information to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign country visitors in Kupiškis district.


The main purpose of the Centre's activities in the field of tourism information is to collect, store and provide free information to tourists and Kupiškis city visitors about the sites and objects of Kupiškis.


Main activities of the Center in the field of tourism information:

  • Collect, systematise and provide free information about tourism services, tourism sites and objects in Kupiškis town and district;
  • Prepare, publishe and distibute information leaflets on tourism services, sites and objects;
  • Manage and provide information about tourism services, statistics and resource data;
  • Contribute to events and projects organized by various institutions, thus representing Kupiškis region as much as possible;
  • Carry out other activities related to provision of tourism information services;
  • Seek to increase the flow of domestic and foreign tourists;
  • Seek to improve the qualification level of employees by attending conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.;
  • Seek to find funds from additional activities to improve its tourism activities.


Additional activities of the Center:

  • Souvenirs with Kupiškis and Lithuanian symbols;
  • Organization of excursions around Kupiškis town and district;
  • Organization of excursions in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Bike rental;
  • Boat rental;
  • Ferry tickets;
  • Guide service;
  • Gift vouchers;
  • Office services;
  • Tickets to the “Bangenis” pool in Anykščiai (“Kupiškėnas ticket”).