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The Museum of Laukminiškiai


A museum has been operating since December 24, 2002 in the village of Laukminiškii, which has preserved the traditions of the past, by the beautiful Kupiškis lagoon (Lēvens pond), founded in the parents' home of writer Petros Babickos and actress Unė Babickaitė. This building was rebuilt with the care of local residents Gediminas Kaluina, Algimantas Zoluba and the former longtime chairman of the Virbališkii collective farm, Broniaus Inapas. In 1992, a memorial plaque was attached to the house in memory of actress Una Babickaita and writer and journalist Petras Babickas. The Laukminiškių village museum was installed by Janina Puronienė and Kristina Aleksandravičienė, primary school teachers of the Virbališkii primary school in Kupiškis district. The teachers were assisted by their pupils. After arranging the found property, an ethnographic exposition reflecting the 19th century was restored. help and the 20th century Ave. the household, customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. After visiting the museum, visitors can familiarize themselves with the life and work of Unė and Petros Babickė. A modest exposition has been set up in their memory. Not only Petras and his sister Unė were born in this house, but also two more brothers - Kazys, a colonel of the Lithuanian army, and Vytautas, who graduated from military studies and worked as a teacher. All the Babicks have already left for Eternity. Homestead of actress Unė Babickaitė and publicist Petros Babicka in 2009. included in the register of immovable cultural values.

The museum can be visited by prior registration by phone: +370 682 34 232.


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