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The Museum of Adomas Petrauskas


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Adomas Petrauskas opened the doors of his barn to the first visitors in 1969. At that time, the exposition included ethnographic exhibits and archaeological finds. Seeing his great enthusiasm for collecting various antiquities, Vytautas Notkus and Albinas Vaižmužis, the heads of the Antašava collective farm at the time, helped the museum to expand. Self-taught village craftsman Jonas Laužikas designed and built an original tower in the museum's homestead. Now the A.Petrauskas Museum consists of several buildings: a residential house, two barns and a tower. In 1996, the museum owner donated all of his life's work to the municipality of Kupiškis district. Thus, the A. Petrauskas Museum established in the village of Uoginiai became a branch of the Kupiškis Museum of Ethnography, whose collection consists of more than 7,000 exhibits. In 2001, Adomas Petrauskas got the Honorary Citizen Award of Kupiškis Region for the accumulation, preservation and presentation of spiritual and material ethnic culture.


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