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Stirniskiai Exposure


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This dolomite exposure is located on the left side of the river Levuo Valley, there, where meet the river Suosa in the village Stirniskiai of Noriunai ward. In 1964, the exposure was declared as a geological monument. Its height is 3 m, length 40 m. There are opened the Devonian upper section of the Franco-High Suosa Dolomitic Layers. In it we see the cavernous laminated dolomite. The geological monument is not only the Stirniskiai exposure, but also a building with dolomite columns. This geological monument is called by various names: the Stirniskiai Quarry Wall, the Paulianka Dolomite Exposure and the Dolomite Building, the Paulianka Dolomite Exposure, the Stirniskiai Exposure. The Suosa layers’ dolomites in Buivenai and Stirniskes quarries have been broken for construction since ancient times. Columns of the building beside Stirniskiai quarry made from dolomite are not only a geological but also a cultural-ethnographic – historical monument. In1988 In the area of ​​Noriunai, the lower reaches of the river Suosa between Pasuosiai, Karaliunai, Radziunai and Stirniskes villages have been declared as a geological reserve. Its area is 21.6 ha. The purpose of the reserve is to protect the late Devonian Suosa exposures and outputs in the channel of the Suosa stream. These Devonian layers were begun exploring even in the 19th century by geologists.