Small architecture "The open - air museum" of H. Orakauskas sculptures in the town


Henrikas Orakauskas was born and grew up in Vyzuonos (Utena district), not far away Kupiskis. Since 1986 till 2004 he had lived and worked in Kupiskis. The sculptor creative’s area is very diverse: metal, wooden and stone sculptures, drawings and graphics. Currently the town is adorned with over 20 art works of f this sculptor. The Open-Air Museum is tourist route, revealing the distinctive face of the city. It starts with wooden sculptures and ends with metal plastic works such as “The Kupiskenai’ Weddings”, “The World Tree of the Balts”, “The Spiral of Time”, “The Theatre”, “The falling Angel”, etc. You need to come, see and feel the distinctive spaces of the city as it is impossible to describe everything here.



1. "The world tree of Balts"

2. "Muza"

3. "Theater"

4. "Levuo and Kupa"

5. "The Guest"

6. "Hands"

7. "Ikariukas"

8. "Saules paukste"

9."Geriantys pauksciai"

10. "Amuras"

11. "Oskaro versme"

12. "Seliu (Baltu) asotis"

13. "Virmsas"

14. "Kupiskenai Weddings"

15. "Avinele, pasipurtyk"

16. "Sarka ant stalo"

17. "Mercury"

18. "The spiral of time"

19. "Falling angel"

20. "Piemenukas"

21. Auksti azuoliniai stulpai su pauksciais varinemis uodegomis

22. Paminklas Algimanto apygardos partizanams

23. "Trimituojantis angelas ir kapiniu vartai"

24. "Higeja"

25. "Conversation"

26. "Motherhood"

27. "Lietuvos kareivis ir vaivorykstes zirgas"

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