Salamiestis St. Anthony of Padua church


St. Anthony of Padua Church is located in Kupiskis district, Salamiestis town, 10 km to south – east of Vabalninkas. It is stone masonry, built in 1820. The first catholic’s church or chapel of Salamiestis was built in 1690. In 1732 is mentioned the small, straw – covered church. It was only kept by the Counts Morikoniai chapel. Since 1798 were started writing the birth books, then it became the branch of the Vabalninkas parish and had a permanent priest. Concerned by priest Mykolas Dirvianskis, Count Konstancija Morikoniene and parishioners bankrolls in 1815 – 1820 was built the current stone church. The branch’s priest Antanas Vasiliauskas in 1868 bricked up a churchyard and a bell tower. In 1889 were erected 6 registry organs. In 1891 Great Altar was built. In 1904 the church was painted, new ceilings were placed. During the First World War, 3 bells were taken to Russia. At the initiative of parish priest J. Kirna in 1924 found a bell disappeared during the Second World War. In 1925 the church was covered with a tin, a new tower was made. The parish priest Kazimieras Pukenis’ concern in 1938 repainted inside of the church. After the Second World War Salamiestis became a parish. The classicist church, a rectangular plan (26x12,6 m), with a half shade, is one nave. There are 3 altars in it. Original high gates of the churchyard fence with 3 apertures for bells.

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