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Palėvenė (Komarai) Manor



Mykolas Komaras, the descendant of Komarai nobility from Transnistria, settled in the Palėvenė Manor in 1654. His offspring have lived in Paulianka (Lower Palėvenė) until World War II. The manor house, creamery, brewery, warehouse, the remains of stables and outbuildings were built from local dolomite and have survived to the present day. A spacious and tall conservatory with two towers, which also served as a winter garden, was added to the palace in the late 19th and the early 20th century. The manor house had 26 rooms for different purposes and of various shapes and sizes. There were many works of art and a library of approximately 5000 books inside. It was surrounded by the English-style Park, covering the area of 2 ha. If you visit the Manor, you will meet Nijolė Milaknienė, the granddaughter of Bogdanas Komaras, who will tell you the story of the Komarai family. The former homestead of Komarai Manor is a real estate cultural property protected by the State.


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