Palevene (Komarai) manor


Mykolas Komaras, the descendent of Komarai nobility, settled in the Palevene Manor in 1654. His offspring have lived in Paulianka until World War II. Currently the manor house buildings, built in the 19th century, belong to the offspring of Komarai family. The manor house, the residential building of servants (oficina), creamery, brewery and warehouse have survived into the present. The manor building has been one-storey and reflected the Classicism style until the second half of the 19th century. The house had 26 rooms of miscellaneous purpose, shape and size. It was surrounded by the English-style Park, covering the area of 2 ha. There were many  works  of  art  and  a  library of  5,000  volumes  inside.  Currently the  Manor  is  owned  by  Nijole  Milakniene, the granddaughter of Bogdanas Komaras. The former homestead of Komarai Manor is an immovable cultural property protected by the State.

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