Kupiskis mound


The Mound is situated just by Kupiskis, near Kupiskis Lagoon and Aukstupenai village. It is made on the massive and oblong hill on the left bank of the river Levuo. The Aukstupis stream is flowing on the northern foothill. The other sides of the Mound are surrounded by meadows. The cultural stratum was found in the peripheries and slopes of the Mound. According historians, the Mound has hidden a wooden community castle – hiding place, which was the earliest germ of the future township. In ancient times the Selonians (the Balts tribe) have lived in Kupiskis surroundings, whose were their southern lands. It is assumed that Kupiskis Mound fortifications or castle were already destroyed during the first marches of the Order’s army in around 1240.

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