The Ascension church of Kupiskis


The Ascension Church of Kupiskis is a really impressive construction. The first thing you see, as entering the town on whichever way, are its’ red brick towers. Historians believe that this place, where is now the Church of Kupiskis standing, has been the worship and burial place of ancient Lithuanians. The square oaken box with human bones, rusty sword and ancient money inside was found when digging pits for the foundations of the Church. The Church is a monument of the Neo-Gothic style, hall type (60 x 43 m), built of bricks, and has two towers, 2 sacristies, 3 naves and 5 altars inside. Its’ arches are ferroconcrete. The roof is adorned by 22 crosses. The Church was built in 1900–1914 and is one of the largest in Lithuania.

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