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Antasava St. Hiacint (Jack) church



St. Hiacint (Jack) Church is located in Kupiskis district, Antasava settlement, near the Vabalninkas – Kupiskis road. Wooden, built in 1862 non – traditional forms. By the river Pyvesa (so Antasava was named till the end of the 18th century), the Antasas manor’s owner Jackus Antasauskis in the cemetery in 1793 built a wooden church. In his veil was built the rectory (architect Mykolas Sulcas). Started construction of the new church was impeded in 1812 by the started Russian – France war. By the initiative of the parish priest Albinas Rubavicius in 1862 a new wooden church was built. In 1870 – a stone bell tower. In 1905 was built on a sacristy. In 1906 a parish was founded. In 1927 the church received 8 hectares of land in the Salamiestis manor, later it was exchanged – to get 8 hectares near Antasava. In 1928 – 1940 was a priest Juozapas Cepenas (in 1880 – 1976) he renewed and painted the interior of the church. The church has unconventional shapes (two solid towers in the corners of the roof), a rectangular plan (20x10 m), united. The churchyard has a stone bell tower, an old cemetery.


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