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Adomyne Holy name of Blessed Virgin Mary church



The Jonava's manor (so was named Adomynė before the First World War) owner Zurauskas in 1826 built a chapel. In the long run, the manor and chapel rot away. During the First World War, a chapel was found in the manor by the veil of a priest Liudas Kaulakis. The mass was held there. The owner of the manor, Adomas Vileniskis and the priest Juozas Vileniskis, began to take care of the church building before the First World War. The parish was granted 30 hectares of land, farm buildings and half of the manor house. In 1921 built current wooden church (24x12 m) with a tower. It was erected organ with 5 registers and 3 altars. In 1928 was established the parish. The churchyard fence stones masonry. There is a wooden bell tower near the church. In 1928 a parish was founded. In 1944-1949 in Adomynė was admiring Jonas Jatulis (1908-1989), in 1949 he was arrested and deported (in 1957 he returned to Lithuania). In the churchyard was buried the priest Steponas Pelesynas (1908-1984), 1950-1956 Siberian exile.


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