"It is fun for heart, delicious for the belly"


Program Duration: ~ 3 hours

Number of participants: 15 40

During the program it is waiting for you:

  • Walking around the manor;
  • Cooking of “Adomyne Pagrabines” buns (at the request of the group);
  • Tasting of Adomyne feasts;
  • Stay to Mr. Adam with the ethnographic ensemble "JARA".

 We are waiting for you and wish fun moments in Adomyne’s Manor!

Pre-registration required! 


Adomyne manor beautiful and rare wooden architectural monument. During the restoration work in the courtyard of the manor was found a pot with silver coins. It is thought that is found really not all the hidden reaches of the manor’s lords... Try it - maybe you will be able to find the old manor owners’ treasures!