Homestead "Hops house"

"Hop House" is happy to find in the north of Lithuania, Lėvens Landscape Reserve. Where in the open-air bodies a warm beer bath is rubbing. Where the souls refresh the coziness of the manor house, the infinity of nature and the hints of adventure. Together for lovers of flicks. For wise friends gatherings. For warm family moments.

The guests stay in two floors, modernly restored and conceptually equipped in 1847. the construction of a dolomite Comoros manor house. The relaxation rhythm here is dictated by comfortable beds, where you can relax with aromatic Humulus Lulupus pillows and linen pillows. An old manorial wheel circling with an elegant wine table. Fireplace for evening mood warming up.

It will be a pleasure to have a warm beer bath, beer and herbal tea tasting, beer massages, kayaking and cycling trips, visit Kupiškio bravore, water lunch in Kupiškis Bay, home theater, turntable and bake dishes from the manor mill.

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